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​At Princeton Retirement Planning & Wealth LLC, we specialize in helping business owners, professionals, and executives protect and increase their financial assets. We provide investment and financial design options with the intent to create and strengthen a stress-free retirement. After all, nearly everything you do in your financial life – college funding, insurance planning, estate planning, etc – ultimately has an impact on your retirement. Every dollar that is not maximized in these areas may affect your retirement income.

We aim to create and maintain wealth for our clients through long-term, effective asset management. We employ a six step process to gather information about where you are today, gain insight into the retirement you envision, and provide a roadmap to help you get there. Our process is ongoing and lifelong. Throughout our relationship, we will cover what we have identified as The 13 Lifetime Wealth Management Issues and ensure each one is individually addressed.

Our Six Step Process

Step 1: Discovery

In our first meeting, we’ll discuss your current portfolio and financial situation and how it arrived at its current state, performance expectations, tax sensitivity, your feelings towards risk, time horizons, and your goals, dreams, and income needs. We’ll explore your relationships with current and previous advisors, including likes, dislikes, and expectations of those and future relationships. We’ll also share our firm’s philosophy on asset allocation and our approach to investing and retirement income planning.

Step 2: Assessment

We begin by explaining the need to analyze your portfolio in finer detail, utilizing the resources of our firm. Our team then analyzes the portfolio holdings, looking not just at the performance but also the risk level associated with those holdings, their relationship to the overall allocation, and whether or not it matches your individual risk profile.

Step 3: Evaluation

We’ll deliver a review of your risk profile, a snapshot of your current portfolio, and an overview of the relationship between the two.

Step 4: The Strategic Vision

In this step, we present you with a formal proposal and Investment Policy Statement for a reallocated portfolio (if warranted). We’ll share the “why” and “how” of your route to retirement. Together, we’ll evaluate options and select from numerous goals-based scenarios that reveal how you can ultimately use your wealth to achieve your most significant objectives

Step 5: Implementation

We’ll work within a disciplined environment to implement a program whose elements remain consistent with your life’s goals. Upon your approval, we’ll begin to implement those strategies that make the most sense first.

Step 6: Navigation

Now that we’ve identified where you want to go and plotted out how you’ll get there, we’ll perform ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing. We’ll conduct regular reviews with you to make sure we remain on course towards your ideal retirement.

The 13 Lifetime Wealth Management Issues
  1. Investments
  2. Insurance
  3. Liability
  4. Qualified retirement plan/IRA
  5. Stock options
  6. Business succession planning
  7. Durable power of attorney
  8. Gifting to children/descendents
  9. Charitable gifting during life
  10. Titling of assets
  11. Executor/trustee
  12. Distribution of wealth
  13. Charitable inclinations at death
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